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19 August 2010 @ 07:37 pm

Hello! Welcome to Wonder_Junior community!


1- No bashing. This community is stricly for fans of both groups, if you are here to bash any group or any one person you will be banned. No toleration. This also applies to bashing of other members. If you have any issues with other members of the community, please contact a mod.
2. Credit. ALWAYS credit or name your sources. This applies for vids/fanarts aswell.
3. Only place you can discuss groups/idols outside of this fandom is in discussion posts. If you are discussing another group that isn't WG or SJ please tag your post with "other idols".
4. Always tag accordingly. You can read the tag explanation below if you have any concerns.
5. Help contribute! :) We want our community to expand~! Help us by either promoting the community on sites, or simply by posting!
6: Lj-cut. If a post is incredibly long, please use the lj-cut. (ALWAYS use lj-cut when a post has more than one vid in it.)
7: Fanfics-
A) Only post fics that are yours. If you wish to post a fic written by another author and have permission to do so, you may.
B) You may link others to other fics on different sites. (Yes, even fics that aren't yours.)
C) Search/requests tag can be used for fic searching as well. Use this tag when you want to find a specific fic, or have a plot bunny you wish someone would adapt.


We ask that you use the tags the correct way. For those who are confused, here is an explanation of the tags.

-!modpost- strictly for mods' use.
-%Discussions: are for posts where you want to discuss either your favorite members/couples or any kpop group for that matter. This is the only place where you can discuss other groups outside of this fandom.
-%introductions: introduce yourself. :3 Tell us what made you a fan of either group... or who are your favorite couples!
-*graphics: this is for icons, manips, banners, etc. Do not confuse this tag with fanart...D: Fanart is something drawn by you, not shopped or edited in any way.
-*news: any articles related to either group. It's okay to post articles that are just about the groups or a certain member. This community is not limited to articles that name both groups. I hope this makes sense; In other words, you can post an article that is just about Wonder Girls, or just about So Hee.
-*radio shows- for any radio show clips.
-*request/search: Looking for a certain clip/article/interview/fic/etc? Use this tag. You can also use this tag when you want someone else to make a poster/banner/icon for you.
-*shows: any shows go here. Music shows, variety shows, reality shows, etc... again, this is not just limited to shows with both WG and SJ as guests.
-*twitter: Twitter has become quite popular among kpop idols, no? This is especially true for our favorite boys and girls. Is a member from SJ following/tweeting someone from WG?! Post it here! Screencaps would be much appreciated too!
-fanart: Unlike graphics, this is for anything drawn by fans. You may post fanarts that someone else drew as long as you credit them!
-fancams: Self-explanatory.
-fanvid: Self-explanatory.(Always credit someone else's work if you post something that wasn't made by you!)
-fanfic: Post your fanfics! :D Tag accordingly to length please! (Always use lj-cut for fics!)
-group: wonder girls: For general posts. Meaning it's about the whole group.
-group: super junior: Same as above.
-other idols: This tag's main purpose is for discussion posts, but if there's an article about a certain (SJ or
WG) member with another idol, then use this tag.
-WG members/SJ members: I've added tags for each member. Always use those tags when an article is about a certain member, or when clips to shows are just about them. You can use the "group: wonder girls" or "group: super junior" when it's a general post. 
-pairings: I've only added tags for the most popular pairings. Use these tags when a clip or article is about a certain pairing, but you must also use each member's own tag.
-performance: Any performance clips. Share your thoughts or whatever.

I think that's all. :3 Will be updated soon!

Links: wonderfulsworld.com, sup3rjunior.wordpress.com, wgspectacle.com/forum

19 August 2010 @ 07:50 pm

19 August 2010 @ 07:45 pm
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(Part 4 is really part 5; the uploader numbered the vids wrong. :3)

Credit: sjsubs