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19 August 2010 @ 08:32 pm
Haelim's Favorite Super Junior Member Is...?  

Wonder Girls‘ newest member, HaeLim, has recently been submerged into the world of variety shows. It was on a recent show that the newbie revealed her favourite Super Junior member.

In the latest episode of MBC‘s Come To Play, HaeLim confessed that of all the Super Junior members, it was KyuHyun who had caught her eyes. “He sings so well and leaves a good impression,” she shared. KyuHyun is well known for his unique baritone voice and his passionate singing. The other cast members teased Haelim, “That’s different from what you said yesterday!”, planning to expose the other person later.

Meanwhile, Super Junior member DongHae hugged SunYe and told her, “I was a fan since your debut. I wish you well in your endeavors.”

This episode of Come To Play will be a special episode for idols that have increased Korean prestige internationally, among these idols are Super Junior (HeeChul, LeeTeuk, ShinDong, DongHae, KyuHyun) and the Wonder Girls (SunYe, HaeLim, SoHee, Yubin, YeEun).

Source: Bae Shin Young @newsen.com, kpoplive.com



rashelee on August 31st, 2010 11:44 pm (UTC)

I like maknea couple , they are so unique and super awkward to eachother ,, kekkeke
so cutee